the nomad from nashville

Hey everybody!

I should have started a travel blog years ago, but since I will be leaving for Germany for a year soon, I figured now was a good a time as any. Honestly, I’m not sure how often I’ll post or if I’ll forget about this all together, but I have great intentions at the moment. My objective¬†for this blog is to update my friends, family, and curious strangers about my year teaching English in Germany and all my future travels (that way I don’t have to bombard my poor Facebook friends with¬†thousands of unwanted pictures and inspirational travel quotes).

I plan to use this blog to post interesting stories from my time abroad, beautiful, slightly-photoshopped (probably the rise filter–it’s my favorite) photos, and any other exciting tidbits. I’ll be jet-setting to London in exactly one month to stay with some friends in Redding for about a week. After that, it’s on to Germany to begin my year as a Fulbright foreign language assistant in Lichtenstein, Sachsen.

Stay tuned for more updates!

3 thoughts on “the nomad from nashville

  1. Has you fall break started yet, I’m sure it is so pretty, you’re posts are wonderful, love them all, love you , I love traveling with you all over, even though I don’t have to pack. Take care, love grammie


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