knackered after posh nosh

Hey everybody! The past two days in the UK have been a blast! My flights were a bit crap, but only because I couldn’t sleep. Plus, I think I have contracted some sickness from recycled plane air, but copious amounts of drugs (Mucinex–don’t worry mom, not meth) are helping that problem at the moment. Plus, for those wondering, the plug points in the UK are not the same as those in Germany… I hear some make that mistake and then don’t have any proper convertors… Really though, can we not all just have the same plugs??? I think I am going to start a movement to universalize plugs, this convertor nonsense is exactly that: nonsense. Well, now that my rant is done with, on to the good stuff.

I am staying in Reading (pronounced ‘Redding’ because the Brits mispronounce everything for some reason), which is about 45 minutes outside London. Yesterday, we spent the day in Reading drinking at a pub and watching typical British television. [There is this amazing show here where attractive people basically judge each other superficially for five minutes and then choose who to date based off looks and a thirty second clip–it is pretty much ‘The Bachelor’ on crack or Tinder live for the whole world to see.] And Jess’ mom made a fantastic lentil lasagna for supper (they spell in lasagne here… the Brits can’t spell properly either… so many unnecessary “u”s).

Today: London! We visited Camden Markets for a bit of shopping and some to-die-for Halloumi fries (btw Americans, halloumi is a cheese that we desperately need in the USA. It is so delicious and generally you like grill it, and what is better than hot cheese? Nothing, and that is a fact). Then, we ventured to SOHO to try out the SOHO Secret Tea Room. And, guess what, it was so secret that we literally could not find the place. But we stumbled upon the theater for the ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ play, so definitely worth the wandering around like idiots bit. I’m going to have to take out a small loan to watch that one, but totally worth it!

I have been learning so many British words and phrases, so I figured I share some with you all so you can work them into your vocabularies (assuming you’re not British and don’t already use them):

  • posh nosh – fancy/sophisticated food
  • knackered – tired
  • bollocking – harangue/reprimand
  • nutter – crazy person
  • pants – underwear
  • gutted – upset
  • cock up – mess up, mistake
  • kerfuffle – argument
  • damp squib – a person who fails at everything

Anyways, thanks for reading! [Chances are you are one of my family members or a stalker if you made it this far into the post.] I’ll be sure to post more pictures and British slang soon.


*translation: I am so tired after all the fancy food in London today.

Click on the photos for a description.



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