it’s leviOsa, not leviosA

The past few days have been an absolute blast! We went to Harry Potter Studios, where a lot of the actual films where shot. Loads of the original props and set displays are still there–it was amazing to walk the halls of Hogwarts and to see how a movie that really shaped my generation and changed the world came to life. Now I’m just itching to get another Harry Potter themed tattoo.

Yesterday, Jess and I took the train to Oxford to explore the city and see the university. The architecture there is absolutely stunning. We took a boat ride on the river (and I caught some really great Pokemon, even though the old man across from me was judging me hardcore).

Also they introduced me to another outrageous British dating show. In this one six naked people stand in boxes, they slowly start to reveal their bodies from foot to head. They stop once at the waist and someone gets eliminated. Again at the torso and someone gets eliminated. And so on. But I repeat these people are completely naked. There is no censoring… So the host and the person choosing literally just looks at like six penises or vaginas, and judges them. It is literally the craziest show I have ever seen.

British Dictionary:

  • pissed – drunk
  • garden – the entire back yard
  • lorry – semi-truck
  • chav – an obnoxious, lower-class person
  • pudding – all forms of dessert
  • Pimms – a mixed drink that will knock you on your ass



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