punting about cambridge

What was meant to be a leisurely two-hour journey to Cambridge turned into four after a series of GPS failures, missed exits on the roundabouts, and a marathon that had all the roads closed slowed us a bit. But Cambridge was definitely worth the journey! Sorry Oxford fans, but Cambridge > Oxford. Plus we had two amazing tour guides–Hannah and Katie–they may have twisted fact a bit, like when they said ping pong was invented in Cambridge, but all in all a world-class tour.

The next day, Jess and I visited Highclere Castle – the filming location for Downton Abbey. (I’m basically doing a tour of all of Dame Maggie Smith’s cinematic masterpieces.) Such an amazing castle and must see for any Downton Abbey fans!

This may be my last entry though… Jess’ parents informed me last night that they have ran through their repertoire of vegetarian recipes. I will likely now starve. Goodbye cruel world.

Rather than a dictionary entry today, I decided I’d just comment on some of the things I’ve noticed about British culture and society (at least what I have experienced).

  • The British use a knife to eat everything. Nearly every meal we have there is a knife and they use it to cut everything! Like things that don’t require a knife. For example, eggs. Why do you need a knife to cut eggs?
  • Practically all of the cars here are manuals. So in an emergency, where I would need to drive, I would be royally screwed.
  • Speaking of cars, there are not nearly as many massive vehicles on the road here. I think in America everyone is concerned with showing off their money (and lack of concern for the environment) with giant-oversized cars, but here there are far fewer.
  • Cooking shows here are so nice and encouraging. Someones entire dish could fall apart or be a bloody disaster, and the judges would still be like ‘valiant effort’. Literally, during the Great British Bakeoff, people’s gingerbread houses were falling apart and there was still no yelling.
  • Nudity on television is not taboo. Full-frontal for days.
  • There are roundabouts everywhere! I have never seen so many in my entire life.
  • In America, we have the stereotype that British food is super bland, but I have been rather impressed with the food. Speaking of food, interesting fact I learned the other day, Indian food is the most popular food in Britain.
  • There are some British accents that I really can not understand. They are supposedly speaking English, but for the life of me I can’t make it out.
  •  Marmite is basically the same as vegemite–though maybe not as bad. And HP Brown sauce is really bad. Like really bad.
  • Galaxy chocolate > Cadbury chocolate



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