my favorite town in england

A must-see English town in my opinion, Winchester is definitely my favorite town I have been to thus far in England. Not only was the architecture simply stunning, there also seemed to be so much great history around every corner. 

We started our adventure in Winchester with afternoon tea at the Royal Winchester Hotel. The spread was absolutely delicious and quite affordable. For four of us it cost a total of £40, which included sandwiches, scones, cakes, tarts, a glass of champagne for each of us, and obviously tea. 10/10 – Would Recommend.

After tea, we walked down to the Winchester Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the oldest and largest in all of Europe [some parts of the Cathedral have been there nearly 1,000 years], and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful.


The Winchester Cathedral 

Winchester Cathedral is also home to a Bible crafted in the 12th-century and the final resting place for medieval bishops, queens, and kings. I tried to not take photos in the church to be respectful, but when I saw that Jane Austen was buried there, I just had to take a quick picture. (Notice her headstone does not even give any indication that she is one of Britain’s finest novelists.)


The Burial Place of Jane Austen

Winchester is also home to King Arthur and his round table, so we wandered over to the ancient ruins of the Winchester Castle. Unfortunately, we were unable to enter the great hall as it had already closed for the day, but simply being in such close proximity with such great history was astounding.


Arch of the Winchester Castle

Sidenote: I also caught some pretty interesting and rare Pokemon in Winchester. So really, what’s not to love about this town?

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