to be or not to be, that is the question

Stratford upon Avon–the birthplace and final resting spot of arguably the most influential writer and dramatist of Western society, William Shakespeare–is a must-see destination for literary enthusiasts when visiting England. Not only is Stratford the location where Shakespeare wrote some of his most inspiring masterpieces, but the inviting little town is also overflowing with stunning Elizabethan-era architecture and possesses an almost charming, idealistic atmosphere.

Jess and I (both being a bit daft) were unaware that we had stumbled upon Shakespeare’s home, but instead talked about how pleasant the old building looked and assumed people were taking selfies in front of it simply due to the striking architecture. [In our defense the house was not well-marked]. Finally, after consulting a few maps, we realized our mistakes and turned back.

It was really quite astounding to walk in the footsteps of such genius–to step in the same places where William Shakespeare likely played games as a child, where he learned to write the alphabet, and where he created the brilliance that is MacBeth.

After visiting the homes of Shakespeare, we journeyed over to his final resting place in the Holy Trinity Church–and much like that of Jane Austen’s headstone in Winchester, Shakespeare’s grave gives no mention to his literary prominence. I almost expected a witty or poetic sonnet to mark his headstone, but instead his marker threatens to curse those who would move his bones: ironically, a humble resting place for the world’s greatest dramatist.

PS. I have to give a major shout-out to Jess and her family for welcoming me into their home for the past two weeks. I had a fantastic stay in England and can not wait to come back and visit! Now I am off the Cologne, Germany!


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