slowly becoming german

I have now been living and teaching in Lichtenstein, Germany for about two weeks now, and what a two weeks it has been! I have spoken more German, eaten more bread and cheese, and dealt with more bureaucratic bullshit in the past weeks than at any other time in my life. I have also come to really enjoy teaching (though getting up before 6:00AM throughout the week is a form of torture in my humble opinion). 

Being placed in both a Grundschule (grades 1 – 4) and a Gymnasium (grades 7 – 12) has exposed me to essentially the whole of the German education system, and allowed me to experience teaching at all different levels. With the young kids, teaching is a lot of fun! There are a lot of games, songs, and coloring; plus, the kids are full of curiosity and aren’t self-conscious at that age, so they ask me questions all the time and ask me to play games with them. Teaching the older students is also rewarding, as many of them are quite good at English and have a genuine desire to improve their skills. (Not to mention there is a great deal of interest about the current American presidential election–which I could easily talk about all day).

Naturally, the move to my new apartment has been full of highs and lows. It was such a relief to finally unpack everything and settle down, but then there was the question of what now? I still don’t have wifi at my apartment (I know, first world problems), but really I don’t know what to do without the internet. I also need to find a group to join to meet people my own age, plus I need to find a German course, because my German is still a bit shit.

Lichtenstein also seems like it is going to be a really great town to call home for the next year. All of the people have been super friendly thus far, plus the architecture is really quite beautiful. The train-station is only about a ten minute walk from my apartment and I can be in Dresden, Leipzig, and Berlin in a matter of a couple hours. Plus, I get Fridays off, so long-weekend trips are in the making!

I am now on fall break and off on my next adventure with Jessica. (Who naturally almost left her bloody luggage at security in London). Poland here we come!

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