“ich bin ein berliner”

Berlin truly is a city with endless possibilities. You could spend a lifetime exploring Berlin–strolling along her peculiar alleyways, studying her towering cathedrals, observing her unique culture–and still, day after day, discover something new. There is so much in Berlin that I have yet to do, yet I still feel as if I am reuniting with an old friend every time I visit the city. 


Walking along the remnants of the Berlin Wall–once a symbol of division and hostility, now a poignant gallery–amounts to almost a spiritual experience. Though there are pieces of the wall scattered around the city and in various museums, I recommend taking a stroll along the famed East Side Gallery.


Though potentially cliché, no trip to Berlin would be complete without a stop by the Brandenburg Gate.


I will never forget my first time visiting The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe when I was 17. There are thousands of concrete slabs covering an area of almost five acres serving to commemorate the Jews killed during the Holocaust. I was overwhelmed by the monument at 17 and still find myself overwhelmed when visiting today.


The most architecturally-stunning cathedral in the city is the Berliner Dom.

Our visit happened to coincide with the annual Festival of Lights in Berlin! Each year in October, dozens of landmarks, monuments, and other buildings are illuminated by artwork from both German and international artists. These were a few of my favorite light installations on the Berliner Dom.


A light installation on Humbold University during the Festival of Lights.

One of the best ways to get an idea of the sheer size of Berlin is to get a bird’s-eye view of the city from the Berliner Fersehturm (TV Tower).

Other must-sees in Berlin that aren’t pictured include Checkpoint Charlie, the German Cathedral, the French Cathedral, the Reichstag (Parliament) Building, Charlottenburg Palace (which, after our trek through arctic-temperatures to visit it, was naturally covered in scaffolding), and one of my personal favorites, Curry at the Wall-which serves up a delicious vegetarian currywurst!

Fall break is now coming to an end, but I had an unforgettable two weeks traveling around Poland with Jess and Germany with my parents. Mom and dad, I am so glad you were able to come visit. I had an amazing time and hope you enjoyed your little tour of Germany!


2 thoughts on ““ich bin ein berliner”

  1. Hi , Dalton
    I haven’t heard from you for a while , is everything ok, How is your appartment , did you get it all decorated, Talked with your dad today Dillon has strep throat, Your dad said probably it would go around the family, hope not,
    Love you


    1. Hey Grammie! Sorry, I’ve been busy and haven’t posted in a while. All is good though. My goal is to post something this week. My apartment is nice and came with most of the necessities, so that was good! Dang! They hadn’t told me that! Glad I’m not there to get it, haha! I love you!


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